a b o u t   t h e   c l a s s : 

Playful yet strong class where students will be flowing through standing, balancing, seated and some inverted asanas (once student is ready), using breath and alignment as a guide. Postures of the class are selected to waken up nervous system and renew body and mind vitality, completed with energy locking techniques (bandhas). Each practice will close with relaxing shavasana and balancing pranayama. Students with all abilities are welcome. Class length 1h.


a b o u t   t h e   t e a c h e r : 

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l o c a t i o n : 

@ your office


t i m e : 

agreed time and day of the week (suggested times: morning session 7:45-8:45/8:15-9:15am or evening session

5:45-6:45/8:15 - 7:15pm depending on your office hours)


c o s t :

*first class FREE*

invite your friends - pay less :)

5-9 students - £10 each

10-14 students - £9 each

15-19 students - £8 each

20-24 students - £7 each

25+ students - £6 each

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