w h y   r u d e g o o d s ?

Because I am straight forward and I don't sugar coat ugly things to look prettier. I tell the truth the way it is, raw, uncomfortable, embarrassing, real. Because it's too late to be gentle and polite about global warming, polluted planet, GMOed toxic food, full of plastic ocean, overweight and sick (physically and mentally) people. It's too late to make baby steps and just hope that government will do something to make our future brighter.

Unfortunately it's opposite, the government is legally corrupted, no, not only in Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia, no all of them are, the US, UK, Germany and other similar 'developed' countries' governments. And I say legally because they make their own rules to be able to do whatever they want. They are not working for us people, they are working for their clients: Monsanto, Bayer, Big Pharma, Big Meat, Big Diary, McDonalds, CocaCola, name it. They honestly don't care about you, me, your children and our future, because we as individuals worth nothing to them, actually we worth more if we are stupid and sick. So if we believe in their bullshit and we eat crap they promote and advertise, we get sick by eating junk and toxic Monsanto GMOed food, which according to the government is safe. Once we are sick we feed Big Pharma with our dollars and euros spending it on expensive medicine, because our doctors having only few hours of nutrition training in their studies, have no clue that majority of diseases are caused by poor and toxic nutrition, so instead of advising sick people to change their diet and lifestyle, they prescribe bunch of pills. They don't know or don't want to know (because it's inconvenient for them as well) that what was caused by unhealthy nutrition, cannot be treated with even more toxic medicine. Doctors do not heal any diseases, they just soften the symptoms. Old Lithuanian proverb says: The way you got sick, is the way you heal yourself. Poor nutrition, constant dieting roller coaster made you sick, change nutrition, undiet, start eating real healthy food, food full of nutrients and vitamins, it's as simple as that.


Another 'forgotten' cause of lost of disease (mental and physical) is stress, overwork, no or not enough selfcare and no time for meditation and contemplation. We do not have time anymore to slow down and just be. No, going to the pub for couple of pints with your colleagues after work is not self care and not slowing down, in long term it's more harmful than useful (I know it seems really great to be tipsy and chilled whilst you drinking, but it is as good solution for your stress as taking a painkiller when you have a broken bone). Lots of people are suffering from this modern disease FMO (fair of missing out). People are scared to miss things, not to attend events, not to see friends, and it causes anxiety, stress and eventually more serious diseases. But do you really think you will be able to do everything? I don't think so, it will just make you even more tired than ever. Take a break, do some yoga, meditate for at least 10 min a day, find time for yourself, slow down, go to the nature (or just a park nearby) and just be present.


So I feel that I really need to speak out loud, rude, primitive and understandable so everyone understands. So I do it: I speak, write, blog and post, instagram, teach yoga and I will continue it, rudely honestly, humble and open. If you don't like it, I understand, no one likes the truth said straight forward, but that's my way to do things.