w h o   a m   I ?

It's hard to describe my self in just one sentence or even short paragraph. I'm someone who has a great love the this planet, people, mindful living and food. And once you have a passion which is pretty much your everyday life, it's hard to do just one thing. So I do loads of things and I love it(I just don't think that a human is created to work as a robot doing one task 8 hours a day, 5 days a week). I 'work' all the time, even those last seconds before I fall a sleep, I thinks, create or plan something.

So here's my story and a journey to who I am. I, like a 'normal' person, after finishing high school went to study at university a serious subject - for almost 5 years I studied law.. I hated it, but I thought to myself, I need to become 'someone', get a good job, earn money and do all those things serious rich people do. End up suspending my MA studies and dedicating myself to arts (preparation for my future Design degree). Simultaneously to my art studies I was going towards my self exploration/discovery, so that's when I found yoga, ayurveda, especially ayurvedic cooking part, as I was already vegetarian at that time, which all of it was super new and almost mystical for most of my relatives and friends. A year later, I moved to London and started my Interior Design degree. Which was an absolute dream come true. I loved my studies, although I was working my ass off to be able to afford to live in London and study full time at the same time. I had one day off in a month and pretty much no sleep, especially before submissions. So as you can imagine all self discovery journey has been put 'on hold'. My tutors were saying that this is how my 'real' life will look like (they were referring to the time after I start working in industry). I took it as a joke, but sadly it was true. Straight after my graduation I was employed by a giant architecture company and started my 'dream life' as an interior designer. Unfortunately the 'dream life' wasn't that satisfying as I thought it will be. I have got soaked up by a corporate system and I knew it wasn't for me. After almost 3 long years in this corporate beast I quit, went travelling to discover the world and reinforce self exploration. The only thing which kept me alive (both my mind and body) at my last year at university and after I started working in corporate world was yoga and meditation. That day when I stepped back on the matt, something clicked in my head and I knew that everything will start shifting towards a better more mindful life. Since I came back from my travels another massive shift happened in my life and still happenening.

So now I am finally happy, full of ideas, passion and energy to share all what I know with you.

So I do loads of things now:


<>I share my plant based recipes, sustainable + healthier lifestyle tips and much more on this website. Which combines my passion for cooking and DIYing things, coming from early years of my childhood and later research discoveries what foods are healthier for us and more sustainable for the planet and what our actions harms our mother earth less and leaves a smaller footprint;

<>I teach healthy cooking in MIH (Made in Hackney) charity, raising awareness to local community about healthier, more organic, local, seasonal and plant based cooking and eating;

<>I practice and teach yoga which is another love of my life. Which I have discovered back in 2009 in Lithuania, when after my first yoga class I felt so amazing, so light, uplifted and relaxed. I knew that yoga will become a big part of my life. After I moved to London I discovered new styles and approaches to yoga, trying to balance my practice between challenging my body and mind and calming all down. Eventually Ashtanga yoga took over my daily practice, so after several years of mainly Mysore practice and few workshops with Sharath and Manju Jois I decided to deepen my knowledge so I went to India (Mysore) to study Ashtanga Yoga in depth and become a certified teacher to be able to share blissful knowledge of yoga. I do now practice other styles of yoga too, I like to discover and learn new things and apply it to my own practice and classes I teach, so keep my mind and heart open. This year I had undertaken one more teachers training with David Kyle to deepen my knowledge in Rocket yoga, which attracted me as it's always challenging and creative type of practice;

<>setting up classes and workshops on yoga, pranayamas and healthy plant based cooking and enjoying food;

<>transforming my life to zero (at least less) waste;

<>working on few zero waste product to minimise waste (especially plastic) from my own life and hopefully others too, which will be launched very soon;

and so many more things, which includes research, testing, making, failing and just enjoying much slower and more mindful life.

I do not want to do just one task/job e.g. just be teach yoga and do it full time, as I know it will become just another job and I will stop enjoying it at some point. But because I just have few classes, I really love teaching, enjoy every single class I lead and put all my heart and soul to it. Teaching people and sharing knowledge is truly amazing, absolutely rewarding and fulfilling.

My day is full of doing different things: loads of writing, reading, creating new recipes, cooking, improvising, photographing, sharing it with you, making prototypes of new products, looking for suppliers, meditating, contemplating, practicing loads of yoga and so much more. And it gives me so much joy! I also love working from home, because I can work with my pyjamas or leggings and old t-shirt, have a shower in the middle of the day and on my brakes practice handstand or just have a 'quick' meditation, or play with my cat if she is up for it, which could never ever happen if I was in a real office. And I can work on what I feel I want to work that particular day. Or if I don't feel like working, I don't, I read a book or watch a movie instead. I don't have days off as such, because whatever I do is me, is part of my life. Of course I allow myself to chill and step back, but even in that case I would do something what is part of this big project, because as I said all of it it's my life, it's inseparable. And of course I have deadlines, but they are not crazy or tight, because I am not driven by making the most possible money in shortest period of time (opposite to big corporate giants, which whilst I was there was making me so stressed and miserable, by giving impossible to human being deadlines), I am driven by sharing good stuff with you, which you and the planet can benefit from, that's literally the only aim I have. And finally I can just be myself, I don't need to pretend doing something or pretend being someone, what I am not. I can finally do what I want and how I want and take as much time as I actually need. And most importantly enjoy every second of my working day (= everyday) and just be unconditionally happy!

<3 <3 <3

Formal certificates:

Samyak Yoga Mysore, India - Ashtanga YTTC 200H

Agoyoga Barcelona, Spain - Rocket YTTC 50H with David Kyle

MGM Training, London - Emergency First Aid at Work

Registered Yoga Teacher @ Yoga Alliance Professionals