When Blueberries Meet Coconut Smoothie

All you need is:

1 banana

1 glass of blueberries

1 glass of cut fresh coconut (alternatively you can use 1/2 glass of dry shredded coconut)

1 glass of coconut yogurt (other plant based yogurt will do as well)

1 tbsp golden flaxseeds 

1-2 dates to sweeten (optional)


For Topping:

Little bit of raw cacao nibs (optional)

Here’s what you do:

Add all to your blender, set aside few blueberries and tiny bit of flaxseeds for topping. Blend till smooth texture. Pour it to your favourite glass or blow (if you prefer) top it with some left aside flaxseeds and blueberries, sprinkle some raw cacao nibs.  Enjoy!

P.s. It’s seriously delicious ;)!