Veggie Futomaki

All you need is:

For Sushi Rice (for 3-4 person):

3 Japanese cups of sushi rice (450g)

3 Japanese cups of water (540ml)

120 ml rice vinegar

3 tbsp of sugar

1 tbsp of salt

For Futomaki:

6-7 sheets of nori

2 tbsp miso paste

1 tbsp wasabi

Futomaki can have 3-5 filing

Suggestions of fillings:

Enoki mushroom + rocket salad + 1/2 avocado

Cucumber + sweet potato + chives

Cucumber + avocado + red peper + chives

For Serving and decoration:

Soya sauce

Gari (pickled ginger)


Black sesame seeds

Equipment & Utensils:

Cling film

Sharp Knife

Non stick pot

Sushi mat

Bowl with cold water

Chopping Board


Here’s what you do:

1. Prepare Shusisu (Sushi rice vinegar)​

Mix rice vinegar, sugar and salt together. Mix until all desolved. If vinegar is too cold and sugar+salt is hard to desolve you can heat it up on very low temperature in the pot, but be very careful, do not let it boil. When Sushisu is ready, put aside for later.

​2. Prepare Rice

  • Wash them well until you see clear water running, drain them and leave them to soak in the right amount of water for at least 30min, best 3-4h.

  • For the best results your rice should be white milky colour, not clear anymore.

  • If you were soaking them in not stick sauce pan then leave it there, but the lid on and bring it to boil. Reduce heat to minimum and simmer for 8-9min without opening lid. Put aside and leave it for another 15min also without opening lid.

  • To cool your rice quicker place it to a large flat dish like baking tray and pour sushisu on them, mix well. Then cover with clean towel and let it cool.

  • Sushisu gives rice nice flavour also stops bacteria grow. So if you don't want to use rice immediately you can cover it with cling film and damp towel and leave in a room temperature. Do not refrigerate, it will make rice dry and hard. You can keep rice like that for 1 day.

3. Prepare Filling

Whilst rice is cooling down wash your veggies and cut them to a long strips, depending how you design your sushi, cut them thin or thicker as neatly as possible. Also mix wasabi and miso into one paste.

4. Roll Sushi

  • Wrap your sushi mat with cling film.

  • Fill bowl with cold water.

  • Place nori on the mat shine side down, bottom alined to bottom of the mat, with the lines lying horizontally.

  • Wet your fingers in the bowl of water. It helps when handling sticky sushi rice. 

  • Spread handful of rice on the 2/3 of nori with thin even layer, leaving the top bit empty. Lay rice very gently, not pressing them too much and not using too much of it. The thinner you can get the layer the better.

  • Rinse your hands in the prepare bowl with water to remove rice from your fingers.

  • Dip one finger to the miso/wasabi paste and draw the line in the middle of the rice (Optional, you can use wasabi only or non of it).

  • Over the top place 3-5 veggies of your choice.

  • By holding filling with 3 fingers (index, middle and ring) preventing from falling, start rolling with the mat from the bottom edge of the nori towards the top of the rice edge. Then it made a full circle open the mat. You should be able to see the end of nori you have left not covered with rice.

  • Now finish rolling wrapping this left bit around.

  • Repeat with remaining nori sheets, experimenting with different fillings. 


5. Cut Your Sushi

  • Remove your sushi roll from the mat and place it on the clean, dry chopping board.

  • Cut each roll 8-10 pieces with sharp, wet knife. You might want to make first cut right in the middle of the roll, so you can be sure you cut your roll into even pieces.

  • Cut as quickly as possible, trying not to press it down. After each cut clean your knife, that makes your next cut more smooth.

  • If you are making more than one roll you can leave cutting to the very end, but it's entirely up you, if you want to cut after you prepare each roll, it's absolutely fine.  

And now it's time to enjoy. Place couple of pieces of sushi, gars and a little bit of wasabi on the serving dish, sprinkle some sesame seeds to look even prettier, pour some soya sauce in tiny little bowl, grab your favourite chopsticks and enjoy it. 

If you have any leftovers wrap them in a clingfilm, place it in a airtight box and leave it in the fridge, eat them next day latest, but sushi is one of those dishes which longer it stays, it looses it's freshness and taste. I recommend to make as much as you can eat only and not to have any leftovers. It's better to leave rice for next day, than prepared sushi.