Welcome to RUDEGOODS zero waste mini shop

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All we make we do it with lots of passion and love for the planet and people. Everything is hand made in London using upcycled European linen. What do we mean by upcycled? We use scraps / left material of making other larger products elsewhere and give them new life, turn them to something beautiful and useful. So nothing gets to waste. For this reason everything is 'limited edition' once one colour or type of fabric is gone, means it's gone forever and we most likely will not get the same scarps again.

Why linen? It's the most 'zero waste' and sustainable plant-based (vegan) fabric on the planet, which is grown in Europe. It is extremely durable, strong, long lasting and gets better when using. It also absorbs moisture without holding bacteria. On top of that linen is one of the most biodegradable fabrics existing (when untreated/dyed is fully biodegradable).

Linen is made from flax plant which is extremely versatile (we also <3 flax seeds). Every part of it has traditionally been used to create worthwhile products – nothing is wasted, and production is cost effective. Flax is resilient and can grow in poor soil, using far less water in its consumption than cotton.

Not to mention how really beautiful are the fabrics.

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