Rich and Hearty Brussels Salad

All you need is:

For Salad:

Bunch of kale (around 100g) different variety or your preffered

1 glass Brussels sprouts

1/2 glass almonds

1/2 glass sprouted mung beans

2-3 tbsp white sesame seeds

2-3 tbsp hemp seeds

For Dressing:

Click here -> Nutty Tahini Dressing

Here’s what you do:

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. 

Chop Brussels sprouts in half and slightly 'burn' cut part on the hot non stick pan. Than place them to the baking tray and transfer it to the oven. At the same time place almonds either to the same tray if there's any space left or separate one and place it to the oven as well. Roast both for 10 min.

​while Brussels sprouts and almonds are roasting, chop or tear your kale into small pieces and place them to a medium mixing bowl. Add mung bean sprouts.

Pan roast sesame seeds and hemp seeds. Place both to dry preheated pan (do not use any oil) and roast them stirring until it starts to brown slightly. When it's done place your seeds to the mixing bowl with kale.

Prepare the dressing following the recipe link here

-> Nutty Tahini Dressing

Do not forget your almonds and Brussels sprouts in the oven. Once it's ready transfer both to the mixing bowl and stir all gently. 

Place desired amount to a serving bowl or plate and add few tea spoons of dressing. Not mixing all prepared salad with dressing will keep it fresh for longer. Store remain salad and dressing separately in the fridge (salad for 1 day, dressing up to 1 week).