RUDEGOODS soap saver does what it says, let’s you enjoy your favourite bar of soap for longer until it completely disolves and disappears. 


Made with lots of love for the planet Earth and people.

Made to last for years, reusable, machine washable, soft but durable once worn out completely can be composted. Comes unscented in minimal, plastic free, recycled and recyclable packaging.


  • Made from 100% upcycled European linen

    Size: 9 x 12 cm / 3.5" x 4.7" | Weight: ± 10 g | Colour: greyish purple.

    *Please bear in mind that photo may slightly be different from actual item in terms of colour due to the lighting used during photo shooting or the monitor's display.



    It's super simple: place your favourite bar of soap inside, pull the little ropes to close it and use it as if it's a soap. But with soap saver, it will foam more, you will also get a soft and gentle exfoliation and what's most important, it will make your soap last longer and you can use it till a very end, without struggling to gather those last tiny bits from soap dish when it's almost gone :).



    RUDEGOODS soap savers are made from natural linen and has not been prewashed, so it may shrink a little after first wash. Especially if washed in high temperatures, so please avoid it. It is machine washable, wash it in not higher than 30 degrees temperature or alternatively hand wash it. Air drying is the best (and most sustainable) option, avoid using dryer when possible, so your soap saver will keeps its shape and size you bought. Linen is magical fabric it gets softer and better when used and washed.