What About Coffee?

I have to confess, I am a big fan of coffee and for years I could not imagine my morning other than drinking coffee first thing straight after I roll from the bed ( I believe that the idea of having the freshly ground brew was THAT SOMETHING which dragged me out most times ️). But slowly I realised that I needed two cups at the same morning and when two wasn’t enough, I started to question why is that. So that’s how I find out about my fatigued adrenals (that’s why once the effect of the first coffee was gone, I needed another one to lift me up again). Additionally more I was drinking coffee, more I was compromising my stomach acid (not to mention that I don’t have enough of it already, so I was diluting it even more). Even if you are super healthy, after a night fasts your body is more acidic than it has to be and the last thing it needs is more acid-forming foods and drinks - which I believe you guessed already coffee scores really high here.

Don’t get me wrong I am not against coffee at all (I can’t be, I love it too much haha). But its the right time and place for everything. It’s really neither good nor bad for you, it just depends. If you are like me who has adrenal fatigue, it’s bad at any time of the day, as it doesn’t allow you to heal, but once you healed yourself, enjoy it with pleasure. If your adrenals are fine and you have your coffee after your breakfast or at least after some alkalising drinks (lemon water or celery juice or even better both having at least 30 mins in between each including the coffee), so you can help your liver to eliminate the toxins piled up at the night before your morning coffee, then it’s totally fine o have your cuppa. If you feel anxious and agitated and decide to get a coffee, it will not be a good idea, it will make your anxiety much worse. On the other hand, if you are feeling a little sluggish and slow or even depressed, yes, of course, it will stimulate your adrenals and will raise your energy levels. You just have to listen to your body and evaluate that coffee is a stimulating drink, which will increase your energy, improve your focus, enhances brain function for the short term. So don't drink it if you seeking opposite results.

There is also evidence that coffee prevents the brain from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It also stimulates metabolism and increases exercise performance, but I have to say, it’s not health food, so if you have no chronic health issues have it with moderation.

So few things to consider if you love drinking coffee:

1. if you have adrenal fatigue, avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks until you heal;

2. do not drink it first thing in the morning and on empty stomach. drink your lemon water, wait 30 mins, have your breakfast and than have your coffee, or another scenario, lemon water, 30 mins wait, celery juice, 30 mins wait, breakfast (at least a banana or few dates) and than enjoy your coffee;

3. have your coffee ALWAYS ORGANIC, as it’s the most heavily chemical (pesticide, herbicides, fungicide and other ***cides) contaminated plant on earth;

4. also choose plant milk not cows, it will make it less acidic and more environmentally friendly; 5. if using sweeteners choose unrefined (maple syrup, coconut nectar or sugar, if not vegan honey (avoid putting it to very hot beverage though);

6. add some coconut oil and blend it with high speed blender for bullet proof aka slow releasing caffeine drink, it really taste awesome;

7. do not have it too late in the day as it will interfere with your sleep; 8. do not have more than 2 cups a day, although coffee has lots of benefits, but it does dehydrate you and depletes from minerals, so have it with moderation;

9. if drinking decaf, choose swiss water decaf as it's the healthiest option so far in the market.

I found really good article, so if you want some further reading, click on here.

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