You Are How You Eat As Well

As I am still on and off my detox since the end of 2018 (when my digestion collapsed completely), so I can't really share much of the delicious, gorgeous looking plates as I mostly eat raw or really simple boring mono meals. But today is the first day after 3 days juice cleanse followed by 6 days of fruits / veggies / greens / with a bit of nuts detox so for my lunch I cooked healthy delicious lentils with spinach, roasted Jerusalem artichokes, and sweet potatoes with exceptionally yummy sauce following the recipe of the meal which we enjoyed for our Xmas lunch not that long ago (the picture above). But I did not have any aubergine, but plenty of root veggies and was really craving for some lentils. So I improvised and it turned out really yummy. For the recipe please click here.

Following the last post in Instagram, picture above. I just want to add a bit more to it. It's not just what you eat, it's you are how you eat as well. So what are your eating habits? Are you fast, rushed over, multi-tasked or are you joyful, mindful, taking time?

I am not going to teach you intuitive eating as a complicated subject, but what I can share with you is called human being eating (which these tragically busy days went really wrong, and not even in terms of what we eat, but how we eat too). So here are few simple steps to help you fix your eating habits:

Step 1 - start preparing your food or go to buy it before you are hungry like a wolf so you will make much more genuine and most cases healthier choices.

Step 2 - dedicate time only for eating (it sounds really strange, but no one nowadays is JUST eating). So when you eat, eat only, no e-mail checking, no Instagram scrolling, not even planning something in your head. Just eating, sitting down on the dining table and eating, yes not your desk, as it will give so much more distractions, and reminders of what you need to do.

Step 3 - smell your food, notice colours of it and start eating slowing and joyfully.

Step 4 - chew every single bite so well that when you swallow it's in a liquid form. Chew mindfully noticing different tastes, textures, temperatures, spiciness, etc. Digestion starts in your mouth (our saliva has its own digestive enzymes and it makes food, especially dry, moist), so whilst chewing you not only making it much easier for your stomach to break down, but also your brain once it recognises what food you are munching has time to send a signal to the stomach and small intestine so it can prepare to receive it (gather right amount and kind digestive enzymes).

Basically, eat the way you eat on holiday when you have entire time in the world, you don't need to rush off to the meeting and answer that really important email which can't wait and like you are eating in 3 Michelin star restaurant, where you just want to enjoy every single bite of the meal. Even if you truly follow all the steps, it will not take more than 30 minutes to finish your plate, promise.

So what are the benefits of eating this way?

You will make better choices about the food. You will improve your relationship with food, you might even lose unwanted kilograms because when you eat slowly and mindfully you will realise when you are full before you had too much to eat or purchased and munched bar of chocolate from vending machine as a dessert because you did not even realise when your plate got empty and you still felt mentally hungry (physical sensations might say the opposite, but we tent to ignore it, as we just ingested food without even realising it). And very importantly your digestion and nutrient absorption will definitely improve, as you will be chewing your food properly and sending it to stomach already in predigested form and well prepared for the other digestion steps.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

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