Wwoofing in Hawaii + Papayas & Bananas

Aloha! I'm in Hawaii yay!! It's totally awesome here, weather, ocean, surfing, vibes and my farm I'm wwoofing. Work is not hard, early in the morning so I have the rest of the to spend doing whatever I want. And what I usually want is eat taste homemade food, surf and just chill in the beach. And to be fair it's exactly what I have been doing past week. Living the dream basically.

So what do we grown here in Lahaina Family Farm? Mostly bananas and papayas!

We also have a little wwoofers garden where we grown bits and bobs, but bananas and papayas that's something I eat everyday. It's like 8 bananas and 2 papayas a day keeps a doctor away haha. I'm not kidding that's as much as I eat of this goodness everyday!

So as I eat so much of it I came up with few nice recipes for smoothies check them out!!

Aloha Papaya Smoothie 2 small frozen bananas (grown in the farm) 1 small frozen papaya (grown in the farm) 1tsp maca powder 1/2tsp cinnamon 1/2 finger size fresh ginger Water Passion fruit and flowers (both grown in the farm) 🌺 for decoration, flowers not eatable.

Aloha Green Banana Smoothie 5 small frozen bananas (grown in the farm) Bunch of kale (grown in the farm) 1 stalk of celery (grown in the farm) Few leaves of basil (grown in the farm) 1tsp maca powder Handful of oats Water Flowers (grown in the farm) 🌺 for decoration, not eatable.

Aloha Banana Nicecream 5-6 small frozen bananas (grown in the farm) 1 small not frozen banana for decoration 2tbsp peanut butter 1tsp maca powder 1tsp cinnamon Coconut milk Water Star fruit for decoration Flowers (grown in the farm) 🌺 for decoration, not eatable

Enjoy! Mahalo!

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