Woofing Experience and More.. in Intirumi Garden to Table Organic Farm in Caraz, Peru

Okay so where do I start?

It's been exactly a month when I gave up my comfortable office chair in huge corporate architecture company to go traveling, explore the world, to do some woofing, to meet likeminded people, to practice yoga as well as do Yoga Teahcers Training and enjoying all what I love. And you know what, it feels totally awesome, I feel relaxed, I don't need to worry that I will not please the big bosses, I don't need to worry about deadlines, which usually are ridiculously tight, I have time, I can just do whatever I feel like doing, although I do actually work. It's been over two weeks since me and my friend Dorota are helping in organic farm in Caraz in Peru called Intirumi (which in Kechuan means Sun Stone). As an addition to the farm the most amazing owner Kelly has a restaurant which works as garden to table principal. The farm itself is literally in the middle of the most magnificent valley in Andes National Park, surrounded by mountains 360 degrees.

My normal day would start at 5:00-6:00AM depending if I practice ashtanga yoga or not. And it's not that I have to wake up this early, it's because I want to! Daily activities may wary from: picking and preparing produce, going to the market to get missing items from what's growing in the garden for restaurant, cooking staff's lunch, teaching some plant based cooking tips the restaurant's chef, cleaning trees from infections and bugs, decorating and preparing rooms in the hotel, which is part of the farm too. Everyday is different, exciting, full of laughter and interesting talks. And the people are actually nice, I mean TRULY nice, not fake, not superstitious, not pretentious, not showing off, they are real and honest. Unfortunately this stay is going to an end soon. Looking forward for new adventures traveling around South America and exploring a bit of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and more of Peru!



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