We Need to Talk About (No5).. VITAMIN D

A lot of experts, medical doctors, healthy lifestyle promoters are talking about it. The mysterious vitamin D. A lot of people are worried that they are not getting enough and getting vitamin D deficient. So what is vitamin D and what is the natural source of it?

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin, we are getting exposing our skin to the sun. The sun acts on the skin and converts cholesterol to the vitamin D and it's the only natural way of getting it. If you think you are lacking of it because you living in the country like myself (UK) and working in the office and not seeing the daylight very often, yes you might have lower levels of vitamin D. But it's not a problem at all! You are not the only one 9 out of 10 people have lower levels of vitamin D than recommended. It's because we are spending more time indoors than before, people with darker skin moved from equator to north, also our beloved Western diet is causing chronic diseases which causes inflammation and one of the responses to this inflammation is the lowering vitamin D levels in our blood.

But as you would expect, I will NOT recommend you to go to pharmacy and get some supplements. Definitely NOT. I will tell you that to do so it's rather harmful than useful. Vitamins and minerals in the form of tablet or concentrated liquid or other unnatural form are concentrated isolated nutrients that does more harm than good. I have put some links to my beloved Dr McDougall website with the video and further readings so if you are not trusting me you have to trust him. He also put links to the in-depth medical articles, so you can totally dive in to information about vitamin D and harmful effects of using supplements. One of the examples is that annual high-dose vitamin D supplementation increases risk of fractures, moreover vitamin D supplements can also increase "bad" LDL-cholesterol (heart disease), prostate cancer, immune system suppression and much more.

So don't take them in any circumstances. The only case Dr McDougall says he would prescribe vitamin D supplements is for elderly white institutionalised woman and only to take it together with calcium.

So what do you think you have to do? Yes you go outside in the sunny day and get some sunshine on your skin. And it's easy! As I am giving recipes of the food normally, here's my recipe of getting your vitamin D: 5 minutes, 3 times a week you have to expose to the sun your face, hands and arms spring, summer and autumn at the altitude of Boston. That's all!

Here are the links for your further readings video from Dr McDougall website:

http://bit.ly/2kb5xCP (article)

http://bit.ly/2lcRe1z (article)

http://bit.ly/2l8mIZR (article)

http://bit.ly/2kggKEM (article)

http://bit.ly/2kHO1Jn (video)

Thank you for reading!

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