GPs vs Nutrition

Last night I just proved to myself that doctors knows nothing about nutrition (ok they know all those myths general public know protein=meat, calcium=milk).

When I said to my GP that I'm not taking any dairy the only concern she had is if I'm getting enough calcium to keep my bones strong, big LOL. You don't need to dig very deep to know that e.g. leafy greens has nearly as much calcium as milk, plus the absorption from greens is around twice higher! I told her that the actual source of calcium is plants and the only reason milk has calcium because cows eat them, so she should not worry about it! But when I asked her if I can do B12 test she almost refused as unnecessary (she was already aware that I don't eat animal products). For those not plant based geeks B12 is one out of two vitamins which are not find in plants (B12 is made by bacteria and the second one is D3, which you get with exposing your lovely cheeks to the sun ️). My GP was not at all concerned that I could be deficient! She had literally zero understanding about nutrition!

Its not just that calcium from dark green leafy vegetables is absorbed about twice as well as the calcium in milk, there's a bonus: fiber, folate, iron, antioxidants, and the bone-health superstar vitamin K. You won't find any of those in milk!

So let's celebrate the plant power. Btw I love kale :)

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