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I was thinking another day what I am truly passionate about. What I would talk about if I have an opportunity? What in overheard conversation would intrigue me to interrupt? I do like to talk about fascinating brutalist architecture, beautiful chairs, nice design of ACE hotel in Schoreditch. I truly do enjoy it. But what really fires me up is talking about healthy lifestyle, more precisely healthy food. I have probably thought half of me colleagues and friends what’s good to eat and what’s bad. I probably pissed them off with my ‘advices’ and not just once haha. I even have been told that I am the healthiest person in the office. I have no degree in nutrition or certificate in cooking. I have just been cooking since I was 5-6 years old (more like helping my mum in the kitchen at all times). And I loved it. But when I grew up a little I started to realise that what my mum cooks is not really healthy. When I was 14-15 I started to read about healthy eating, vegetarian food and this way started to educate myself. And it’s pretty much when my food revolution started. At the age of 18 I have became vegetarian. Started reading more, changing my unhealthy eating habits to more and more healthy. I am pescatarian at the moment, which means that I eat fish, eggs and diary sometimes. But I have replaced lots of diary products with vegan alternatives, reduced fish/eggs eating to the minimum (I will remove them eventually!), and replaced some cooked dishes to raw. As well as I have removed white refined sugar and non-whole food wheat flower from my diet. I know that more vegan, raw, less sugary food I eat better I feel. More I started to know about healthy food more I wanted to share. It’s been a long time I wanted to write a blog about healthy food so here it is. RUDEGOODS is going to be a space for me to share my thoughts and knowledge how to eat healthier, in easy non-painful way, to prepare a simple but tasty vegan dishes or deserts. But it’s NOT about crazy diets and loosing weight, because it’s not what I aim. A simple rule - when you will start enjoying a healthy food you will not need to worry about your weight ever again! Why RUDEGOODS - because I might not be very gentle and polite at all times.

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Because rudegoods is about being honest, bold and truthful to yourself and each other. Taking off those fake masks and being yourself to it's true nature. More here!

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