Natural Deodorant

All you need is (for 150ml jar):

A reusable glass jar at least 150ml or more if you double or triple the amount accordingly 300ml or more, do not forget to multiply ingredients too

Coconut Oil (3 tbsp / 45ml)

Baking Soda (4 tbsp / 60ml)

Arrowroot (or Cornstarch) starch (3 tbsp / 45ml)

Essential Oil (optional, but it's nice to add, I like fresh and earthy lemon and geranium mix (minimum 4drops of lemon + 1 drop of geranium or increase proportionally for stronger smell), lavender is great for deodorant too)

Here’s what you do:

Melt coconut oil (use double pot for that - bigger pot with boiling water, smaller inside with coconut oilk, that will prevent from boiling your ingredients and they will remain raw).

Stir in bicarbonate soda and arrowroot starch, leave to cool down a bit (till you can easily hold a finger inside) but do not let coconut oil to harden, add essential oils and stir well. Before it hardens po the mixture to prefered jar and leave it to harden. Use when needed. It is awesome alternative to those harsh antipersperants or expensive natural deodorants. Enjoy using it :).

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