Practice yoga, meditation, pranayamas. As often as you possibly can. Get yourself into workshops, retreats and just simple classes, be surrounded by spiritual people who loves sharing their discoveries. Immerse yourself. It will change your life completely, it will open your eyes to see the world in it's true colours, it will make you feel yourself and happy.


Do not force anything to happen, it will, on its own way. If you feel that you want something, but it doesn’t happen easily, don’t rush it, it will happen on its own time and better than expected.

Be present, be here and now. Future will come without you trying to influence it, and past had happened already, let it go, we can't change anything, so don't worry about it, enjoy the present that's the most important now.

Travel, explore and discover world, yourself, your soul, your strengths and weaknesses. Challenge yourself.  Learn new things.

Soften your mind, free your soul.

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Periods + Menstruations (A Spiritual Perspective)