I think you have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. This photo is real, I took it just few months ago in India, Kodzikode December 2017. This little river is feeding the sea with rubbish, loads of rubbish, which most of it is PLASTIC!!! I know India is one of the extreme countries, but that's what the near future looks like. And if we are not going to stop using plastic now, we will have beaches everywhere like this! Plastic is durable, but stuff made out of plastic are designed for temporary use, like carrier bags, packaging, straws, take-away boxes and cutlery, baby dapper and women intimate hygiene items, bottles and pots for shampoos, lotions, laundry detergent and the much more, the most ridiculous one is water bottles. These items never needed to be durable as it's for one single use only, it was just easy solution which destroys over planet now. Plastic is not biodegradable, it doesn't disappear within the time. All plastic produced since now, remains on this planet somewhere: in the ocean, landfill.

It's not just numbers, I saw it in my own eyes while traveling in different countries, India is the worst of course, but that opened my eyes and changed the way I look at the plastic forever. 

Please stop using it! Other wise your kids, grandkids will find the ocean full of plastic instead of fish and corals. Trust me it all starts from YOU! It's all about basics of economics: demand and supply. If there will be no demand, there will not be necessity for supply. I know it's easier to blame the government than take a responsibility on your own shoulders. Unfortunately it's yours, mines and every single individuals fault. Government does not create these billions tons of rubbish - we all collectively do, and it ends up in the ocean and it's because of us too, not the government.

L E T ' S   S T O P



T O D A Y !

In general do not waste anything: food, water, clothes, energy, time. Be mindful what you are using and overusing, because in another part of the world someone is maybe struggling with things you are carelessly wasting.

Don’t waste also means don’t buy those unnecessary things you don’t need. I mean do you really need these new shoes? Think about it, do you need or do you want? That’s my first question I ask myself if 'out of sudden' (after opening this beautiful Nike newsletter) I ‘realise that I need' those new trainer with this new technology applied. But do I really need it? Probably not, actually not at all! I have nice trainers, almost brand new, as I’m not big in running or gym. I practice loads of yoga and I do it bare foot. So yeah I really DON'T need new trainers. I know how you feel when you see something beautiful advertised/marketed you feel this force from inside pushing you to get it. But that’s alright, otherwise those nikie marketing people would get fired for not doing their job properly. That’s their job to make you want stuff, and yours is to understand it and be mindful. So yeah if your answer to your own question, if you need it or not, is yes (for example your old trainers are full of holes and it’s in unwearable condition, you pretty much breaking your feet wearing them every time) you surely need new trainers!! But hey don’t get fooled, get a pair which will last, will be comfortable for the purpose you getting them and suit your taste. So don’t just go for the pair they are selling you, because these people have their own targets to reach and you have yours. So do a bit of research before you get it. Don’t be afraid to invest a little more and have a pair which will last. The old Lithuanian saying teaches: 'a stingy one pays twice'. If you get something, get it good and invest time to find it first and pay a little more for a good quality. Another point is, when you pay more for something you appreciate and take care of it more. At least it works for me!

But if you let's say compulsively decided to get those trainers advertised in news letter you just opened, which you just want but don't really need, means your old ones become another peace of rubbish, which most likely is plastic, definitely non-recyclable as it's too complex in it's way of making, so it will eventually end up in landfill or ocean. So please be really mindful with what you are getting.

Get things which are multifunctional and last longer! When I was travelling for half a year, I started value those kinda things. And learned to be minimalist, because more one thing has functions, less weight I needed to carry. For example my yoga mat cover was also bathroom and beach towel. Don’t worry I had two of them so I was not sweating in one and using it after a shower as a bath towel haha. Shampoo bar of soap, good for hair, body and face. Get a good quality, so it’s suits to for your face too. Same with creams, OMG you can end up have 10 bottles for each and different part of your body and face. Couple of years ago I used to work in L’Occitane (started as Xmas temp end up as a manager of small boutique in less than 3 years), so I know how bad it can get with body and face products. I used to have a shelf packed with all sorts of creams, lotions, oils, etc. Now all I need is a coconut oil literally for everything. Which I got for 200 rupees (£2) in India from local farmer (end up not even paying that, because kind people who where getting more covered mines cost). Recipes for DIY tooth paste, deodorant which actually works are on its way. You can add castor oil to your hair routine it really helps enhance the growth (warm 1 tbsp castor oil + 1 tbsp coconut oil once a week). You can add few essential oils to a separate pot of coconut oil for your face. For example immortelle essential oil is great for anti-aging (learned that whilst working in L’occitane), tea tree is antibacterial, camomile is great for sensitive skin, etc. I’m not a essential oil expert, but if you google it up you will find the most suitable combination. Also there many other uses for essential oils: DIY cleaning products, you can add it to your laundry routine, gives amazing smell without added chemical scents, for oil burners, room sprays and candle making, for your DIY deodorant, toothpaste and much more. Multifunctional things rock!

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