Ancient Grains Bagels (makes 12) by Tim from Bread Club Hackney

All you need is:

For Poolish: 

1 tsp Instant yeast

500g bread flour

500ml water at room temperature

For Dough:

1/2 tsp instant yeast

400g strong bread flour

100g white spelt flour

25g whole spelt flour

2 3/4 tsp salt

2 tsp malt powder or 1 tbsp malt syrup

For Boiling:

1 tbsp baking powder

For Toppings (optional):

Sesame seeds (black or white)

Poppy seeds

Onion Flakes

Mixed Seeds

Here’s what you do:

Poolish making

In a tupperware (plastic) container pour water, dissolve the yeast in it, add flour and mix until you have a smooth paste. Leave it to ferment for 1-2 hours in room temperature. When poolish is ready, it should appear risen and bubbly.

Dough making and autolysing:

To a large bowl put all dough ingredients except salt, add ready poolish. Mix all together until all dry flour has disappeared and you have one ball off dough. Leave to autholyse for at least 10-15 min. (This allows the strand of gluten to form as the flour particles absorbs water).

Adding salt and kneading:

Put the salt in small cup and add 1-2 tsp of water to dissolve it and when your dough is ready, scrunch salt in it. Knead the dough until it becomes smooth and elastic. If it feels very dry whilst kneading add a little bit of water, but don’t over do it. Leave it to rest for at least 10-15 min.

Bagel shaping:

Divide the dough into 12 equal pieces of approximately of 125g. Shape them to the round balls holding it with both your hands and rotating it, tucking sides to the bottom of the dough whilst doing it (you might need to see the some YouTube video for that, it’s the clearest I could explain it for you). Basically this technique allows stretching the dough ‘crust’ over it, which had formed whilst you left it for 10-15. When your ball is nice and smooth poke a hole in the center and give a little stretch to the hole. Place all 12 of them to the baking tray lined with baking paper and brush it with oil. Leave them to rest in warm place for 30-60 min until they have ‘puffed’. Alternatively they can be retarded in a fridge overnight. Main rule is, the colder it is, the longer you have to leave them to ‘puff’.

Boiling in baking powder solution:

Place the baking powder in a large pan of boiling water. Using a large slotted spoon gently put the bagels into the water and boil each side for 30-60 seconds. Boil few at the time, so you are able to flip them and take them out from the water on time. After both sides are done remove them from the water and now it’s the best time to dip them to the seeds you have chosen and put them back on the tray. Do the same to all of them. Again leave them to rest for another 10-15 min before baking.

Baking the bagels:

Whilst your bagels are resting, preheat your oven to 240C (or the max your can go). When your bagels are ready place the tray to the oven and bake them for 7-10min on high (240C or more), then drop the temperature to 210-200C and bake until golden brown (around 15-20min).

Let them cool and enjoy with any filling you like. I had mines with homemade vegan dill mayo and cucumber :).