Fermented Cabbage or Homemade Sauerkraut

All you need is:

1kg cabbage

10g of sugar

10g of salt

100g carrots (optional)

10g of caraway seeds (optional)

Here’s what you do:

Cut your cabbage, grate carrots and mix everything well with salt, sugar and caraway seeds (if you decided to use them). Massage all really well, until there’s enough of juice in the dish. Then press it as much as you can to have juice on the top of the cabbage. Take another dish, which is slightly smaller, then the one you used and lay it on the top of the cabbage and put something really heavy to keep it suppressed. Back home we used to use pretty big stones for that (if you find one in the garden don’t forget to wash the dirt of). Basically to have the fermentation going you need to have all the cabbage firmly pressed and juice over the top of it. When you achieve it leave it for 6 days in the room temperature in the kitchen or until you can notice little bubbles coming out of the cabbage, it means it’s ready. After that, move it to the fridge and enjoy them after couple of days, longer you wait better it becomes.