Blueberry Super Detox Smoothie

All you need is:

3 super ripe bananas (the ones which has brown spots)

200-300g (1 large glass or mug) frozen or fresh blueberries

Big bunch of coriander

Filtered water (or mineral, strictly not tap) or coconut water

5 tablets of very good quality organic spirulina (e.g. Hawaaiin Spirulina) on a side (as it ruins the awesome taste of the smoothie)

Here’s what you do:

It's super simple, just put all ingredients (except of spirulina) to high speed blender and blend until smooth. When it's ready just pour it to a glass or your favourite mug and enjoy. Have you spirulina tablets either before with tiny bit of water or during having your smoothie.

It's not my recipe, but here's the link to the youtube video of the author with lots more explanations why it so good for you :), please click here to watch.